Just Another Day in the Life of Parenting a Kid with Medical PTSD.

A few months back I posted about the kids’ cleft and craniofacial panel visit, where they had told me that it looked like Chance’s testicles had finally descended. They had me make a follow-up urology appointment just to be sure.

When the urologist examined him, she couldn’t feel the testicles ☹  I’m surprised she could feel anything because he was writhing and screaming the whole time. At one point he stopped, looked straight at me and said, “I DON’T LIKE THIS APPOINTMENT!”

So the urologist put in an order for an ultrasound of his scrotum and his kidneys because there was an ultrasound done many moons ago(like when he was in the NICU seven years ago) that detected a touch of hydronephrosis. A second ultrasound didn’t show anything, but now they want another one “just to be sure.” Ok.

I explained to the urologist that any ultrasound would go much the same way as the exam; with lots of yelling, crying, and thrashing. Chance has medical PTSD. He has been through so much; in and out of hospitals, invasive procedures and endless poking and prodding that he freaks out whenever anyone tries to examine him. The anxiety starts the minute we set foot in an examination room.

I was told to request Child Life to help out with distraction, etc. As much as I love the Child Life staff and volunteers, I really don’t think toys are going to distract him while he is getting his nether regions scanned. If it is anything like the ultrasounds I’ve had done, they press down HARD. It’s uncomfortable, to say the least.

I made the ultrasound appointment today and explained my concerns to the tech. She completely agreed that Child Life probably wouldn’t work, and if we didn’t get a decent scan, it would be a total waste of a 5 hour round trip, and more trauma for Chance. She suggested I ask the Dr. to prescribe him a one time dose of something to calm him down right before, so I put in a request today and am waiting to hear back. If she doesn’t do it, I’ll ask his pediatrician. If THAT doesn’t work, I am going to wait and have him scanned next time he has a procedure under general anesthesia because at least that guarantees an accurate scan.

To be continued…..



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