The more they stay the same.

Chance has spent much of his first few years in and out of hospitals due to respiratory issues stemming from his chronic lung disease.

The last few years, we have avoided hospitalization and been able to manage all the issues that came up (pneumonia, colds) at home. This past weekend our luck ran out. He went to school on Friday and did well. He was a little lethargic when he came home, and then we checked his temp; 101.4. He had no appetite and when we turned on his pulse ox after he fell asleep his sp02 was 87/88. Normally it is 94-99. His breathing became more rapid and I called 911. Given his history, I was not taking any chances.

After an ambulance ride, some oxygen, and a chest x-ray came the diagnosis of pneumonia. Not unexpected, and I realized how lucky we have been these past few years, but there no reality check like watching your child being loaded onto an ambulance in respiratory distress.

Luckily we caught it early. Luckily we needed no life flight to UCDavis two hours away. Luckily we may only be here a few days as opposed to ten day- two weeks like we have in the past.

The air quality is so bad around here that even keeping him indoors most of the time still did not work for him.

I just ordered an air purifier for the house so we can eliminate some of the crap that may invade his lungs. Hopefully, the smoke will start to clear soon.

Until it does, we’ll be extra vigilant.

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